Monday, 18 January 2016

Teens Against Trafficking - I Am Not For Sale

I am not for sale - A Pledge Against Human Trafficking

I am not for sale
Under no circumstances will I be coerced,
manipulated or deceived into doing something not of my choosing.
Only I will control my body, my mind and my actions.
My Cry is Heard

I am not for sale
You will not shatter my hopes, my dreams or my possibilities, this is my future
Guided by the knowledge that has been bestowed upon me, I am protected
My Cry is Heard

I am not for sale
I am of value and I value the lives of others
I will not perpetrate fear, violence or harm upon anyone
This goes against my purpose,
My Cry is Heard

My Cry is Heard
I will rely on the strength, wisdom and support
of those who care about me to uplift me when I
am less than perfect
This I pledge to myself and my future

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