Sunday, 23 February 2014

UNICEF USA: "I just wanted to die" -- A Trafficked Child Speaks out

Help UNICEF end trafficking. Donate to UNICEF Today - In this video, you will learn about the thousands of kids in the United States that are trafficked and prostituted from a retired FBI agent as well hear from victims of sex trafficking. Anyone can be traf´Čücked regardless of class, education, gender, or age when forcefully coerced or lured by false promises.

A victim of child sex trafficking - "My friend, she was really upset, because she was like I think he's really going to be upset if we don't have any money. And so we had to keep going in trucks and sometimes we would stop and we would cry. And I just wanted to die. And I started to think that maybe I deserve this for doing this to my parents and to myself."

Greg Bristol, Retired FBI Special Agent -- "If you think, "These aren't OUR kids" you're wrong. They are our kids. Our friends' kids. Our neighbors' kids. Kids with low self- esteem... or just looking to belong that are easy prey to pimps and traffickers.

These children are cut off from their families. 
They suffer violence and sexual abuse. 
These kids are not criminals. 
They are victims.
We all have to help these kids and give them what they need to go from being victims to survivors."--

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