Saturday, 21 January 2012

A scene from the short film "PITCH BLACK" [re: sex trafficking]

[Starring Brooklyn Lowe, Christy Keller, & Kieran Roberts]
(written & directed by Taiwo Awodumila)
(produced by Teespice Productions)

((This scene features Kieran Roberts, Brooklyn Lowe, Christy Keller, & Michael Louis Cage))

One type of slavery and exploitation that continues to proliferate at an alarming rate—and that has a particular relevance to women and girls—is sex trafficking/slavery.

If you suspect an incident of sex trafficking in the United States, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center's 24-hour toll-free hotline number at 888-3737-888. Callers can receive a number of services including crisis intervention, urgent and non-urgent referrals, tip reporting and comprehensive anti-trafficking resources. Visit Soroptimist's Sex Trafficking FAQ and Stop Sex Trafficking sections for more information and to get involved in the fight against the sexual slavery of women and girls.

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