Thursday, 19 January 2012

Peasintheirpods Children

Peasintheirpods Children
On February 12th we will have Sara's friend Kim on our blogtalkradio show.
Sara Jessimy Kruzan (born January 8, 1978), convicted of first degree murder, is a victim of human trafficking and inmate of Central California Women's Facility, Chowchilla. In 1994, at the age of 16, she was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole after being convicted of murdering her alleged pimp, George Gilbert Howard. On January 2, 2011, Kruzan was granted clemency by outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who commuted her sentence to 25 years with the possibility of parole.!/FreeSaraKruzan


  1. Please explain for us technophobes, how do we 'tune in' to this blogtalk radio show?

    As a modern-day abolitionist I've been following, petitioning, and advocating for Ms. Kruzan since first learning about her and seeing her compelling video. Commend to all the film "Crime After Crime" that centers around another inmate in Chowchilla under similar circumstance.

    New York State has introduced legislation, the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act, that would go beyond the California law in allowing a revisiting of sentencing for victims of domestic violence in which that played a part in the underlying alleged offense. Google it, support it.

    Thanks for this site.

    Peace, Justice and Freedom.... avra

    Avra Cohen
    Co-organizer, Fight Slavery Now!

  2. If you can send me your email Avra I will email you the details