Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sara Kruzan, A Teenage Human Trafficking Victim

There is a human trafficking victim, Sara Kruzan, whom many of you may have heard of. At age 16, Sara was sentenced to life in prison because, in a deperate attempt to escape her own nightmare, she took her pimp's life. This man was said to be a person who had molested Sara at age 11 and then groomed her for life as a prostitute, then, when Sara was 13, he sold her into child sex trafficking. Sara's home life was said to be abusive and neglectful. She had never had a chance. And now, unless we become advocates for her and she can get the right peoople and resources to free her from prison, her chances of experience the transition from victim to survivor are much slimmer. The former Gover had commuted Sara's sentence before he left office and many may think Sara is therefore free. It wasn't until I found the newest Facebook cause for her, called "Gov. Jerry Brown - FREE SARA KRUZAN - a teenage human trafficking victim" on Facebook, at : http://causes.com/causes/604437-gov-jerry-brown-free-sara-kruzan-a-..., that I realized that Sara is still behind bars (and anyone can join that cause at the above link & I would much appreciate it!). If you are unfamiliar with Sara and her story, there are background articles about her like this one:http://thedailyvoice.com/voice/2009/10/Sarah-Kruzan-16yearold-sente.... It will show you that how long Sara has been behind bars. There is also an official website for Sara, with all the needed information about her and how we can show our support and help. PLease visit http://freesarakruzan.org/. Compared to other causes I have been recruiting people to, the current Facebook cause for Sara Kruzan, so far, is not getting as much support and while my friends on Facebook have been hitting the "like" button on my posts about her, they have not been joining the "Gov. Jerry Brown - FREE SARA KRUZAN - a teenahe human trafficking victim" cause. But this cause needs more members so that, together, we can give the new California Governor, Jerry Brown, the strong message that we believe that Sara should be ACTUALLY FREED from prison and be empowered to transition from victim to survivor. Please join that cause right here:http://www.causes.com/causes/604437-gov-jerry-brown-free-sara-kruza....

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