Friday, 11 November 2011



69 US kids were rescued from human trafficking in 45 cities, when the FBI & local police raided one of the biggest human trafficking busts in the Nation. 99 pimps were arrested and three children were found in Chicago. This is a serious national problem, in the recent report by Msnbc, over 200,000 kids are being exploited and only 1,200 have been rescued. Children are not the only victims. Modern day sex slavery is right in your own back yard, city and suburbs. Taken as young as 12 years old, stolen children are being raped by their pimps and buyers every day for many years. Fake ads promising good jobs are a new recent way to lure people in; false study abroad programs are another means being used to capture women.
 Somewhere, I was told of men in gangs renting apartments in Logan Square and leaving women chained up naked. Stories in movies like Taken, are not the only example anymore, and it’s time for all of us to help raise awareness. Only three were rescued in Chicago, and now believe this is all they can to survive this ill-fated lifestyle. Don’t just stare at those posters on the train, but actually inform, affect, and impact people. A source I suggest is The Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, their blog is very informative about local and national cases. You can also view the Msnbc video report, which gives a greater idea of the national impact and money gained in this unbelievable ring of human trafficking to hit our nation.

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