Friday, 11 November 2011

Child Prostitution in America

This is a segment of a larger program currently being aired on PBS. It's very informative. Please view the full video by visiting the PBS website here:

Does this issue concern you? Take a moment to drop an email or letter to your congressional representative. You can look up your congressional rep in the upper left hand corner of this site:

Tell him/her to take a proactive stance against child prostitution and support legislation that prosecutes offenders, supports the victims, and brings much needed funds to the organizations and agencies helping these children.

Child prostitution can be found everywhere. This PBS program focuses on the issue in Atlanta and the uphill battle being waged by their Mayor. But Atlanta is just one of 27 cities who are experiencing tragic increases in child prostitution. Local laws often penalize the kids while johns and pimps go free. And when internet websites such as myspace, facebook and craigslist are included, the problem is amplified.

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