Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tammy's teddy

Flashing lights of neon blue, sirens loudly roared
Neighbours gathered in the street
Wondering if anybody saw?
Confusion as the ambulance opens wide it's doors
She's carried out under white cotton sheets
As her teddy falls to the floor
It was just another Saturday
Began much as the rest
Daddy in the garden
Drinking beer in his old stringed vest
Mom was in the kitchen
Keeping out of sight
He did'nt need an excuse
To cause a bloody fight
Tammy in her bedroom
Her dress tattered, slightly torn
On the wall a photograph
Of the day she had been born
Another drink for daddy
His mood was getting dark
It would not be much longer
Before the beatings start
He staggered to the Kitchen
Slurring as he spoke
He had a grin upon his face
But this mood was no joke
He grabbed his wife
He threw her
Her head hitting against the wall
She lost consciousness so quickly
Remembers little of what she saw
Heading to the bedroom
Cursing Tammy's name
She knew that he was coming
Froze from playing dolly games
Roughly he had grabbed her
A slap, a push, a punch
Daddy was never to be blamed
It's only cause he's drunk
Eventually it happens
They go that bit to far
Sometimes they forget
They should not leave a bruise or scar
Tammy never woke up
She was still
So pale and red
Her mother screaming chillingly
God no, my babies dead
I guess blaming there genetics
Seems an easy get out clause
If your generation beat you
Then of cause, you should beat yours
But choice and responsibility
Love care and respect
Surly they too are genetic
And as powerful as the rest
Just as transformation
From what's lost to what is found
In Regeneration of the severed soul
As faith and hope abound
Tammy's mom picked up her teddy bear
She holds it with a rose
Standing by her daughters grave
As the guilt within her grows

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