Friday, 17 June 2011

Venoy Overton, And The Difference Between Pimping And Pimpin

Former Washington college basketball player Venoy Overton was arrested on Thursday for allegedly "promoting prostitution" in Seattle. He hasn't been charged yet, but DAMN.
A player-turned-pimp? Seriously?
I guess if your name is "Venoy" you have a simple choice. You can either become a bespectacled nerd or... Well, a name like "Venoy" is sort of perfectly creepy for a pimp.
But if nothing else, this news highlights the fine line between "pimpin" and "pimping."
From the Seattle Times:
According to a news release, police detectives began their investigation of Overton in May, when undercover officers contacted an 18-year-old woman on Pacific Highway South. Officers learned that she had been brought to the area by her boyfriend, who directed her to perform acts of prostitution, the release said. She identified her boyfriend as Overton, according to police.
Yeah, that sounds like pimping. Not cool. Not at all.
"Pimpin" is what happens when someone wears ridiculous clothes, says absurd things, and has "hoes in different area codes." Pimpin is fun and hilarious, because it's never that serious. Like when somebody puts a spinning rim on a basketball shoe. These right here? SO PIMPED OUT.
But "Venoy" offers a good reminder of what actual pimping is. It's not ridiculous fur coats and spinning rims and general hilarity. It's just some would-be dork with a name like "Venoy" allegedly forcing his girlfriend to perform sex acts in a grimy neighborhood of Seattle. So let it be a lesson going forward. "Pimpin" can always be hilarious... As long as you remember that actual pimping is pretty much the most pathetic profession on earth. Get a job, Venoy.

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