Friday, 20 May 2011

Kara DioGuardi's past of sexual abuse, pornography, and rape revealed -

Joann Scheffler 

Former Idol judge Kara DioGuardi shares tragic life secrets of molestation and rape in new boo
Kara DioGuardi has revealed some pretty painful secrets that she has been keeping bottled up inside for years. The former "American Idol" judge has revealed that as a small 11-year old child she was molested, and later in life she was date raped by a well known music producer.
Kara's new tell all memoir"A Helluva High Note" gets into her nightmarish childhood where she was molested repeatedly by a teenage family friend when she was only 11.
"IDOL's Kara DioGuardi new tell all b book about her life sounds pretty good, really sad, but the events of our life molds us into who we are." tweeted Cincinnati fan SB.
Kara also gets in depth about how in 2000 she went to dinner with a well known producer when he attacked her jumping on top of her raping her. She writes that she never told anyone because her music career had just started taking off and she was afraid he would bury her before she ever really got started.
Also during a trip she claims she was sexually harassed by a very successful artist, a nightmare that for her included Russian pornography, strippers and performing various sexual acts.
DioGuardi also shares the reason why she asked Idol producers to release her from the show revealing that she had wanted to become pregnant and was having  trouble conceiving and felt that the job on Idol was just entirely too stressful.

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