Tuesday, 31 May 2011

11-Year-Old Details Kidnapping Into Sex Slavery

After being lured from her Bronx home by a sexual predator seven months ago, an 11-year-old has returned home, and told the Daily News about how her kidnappers pimped her out to men in their Lower East Side apartment. The girl managed to call her grandmother, who told her to run from the Delancey Street apartment while her captors slept. She was eventually found by cops, and is undergoing treatment at a Westchester clinic. She said of her captors, "I want them to go through pain 24 hours a day. I want someone to make them do stuff the way they made me do stuff...I want them to go through what I went through. I think about nothing but anger."
The victim had been living with a foster family after both her mother and her grandmother were busted on drug charges. She met Dawud McKelvin, 30, while sitting on her foster parents' porch when she was ten, and continued seeing him after she returned to her grandmother's care. A few months later, she didn't some home from school. "He called me the day before and asked me if I wanted to come live with him," she said. Court papers say she was taken to an apartment on West 110th Street, where she was raped by McKelvin's cousin, and then brought to the Lower East Side apartment. She said "One man gave me $700, another gave me $1,000 and another gave me $500. Maybe there were five or six men, in all."
Unfortunately, this fate is all too common for young girls who are kidnapped. Private Investigator Joe Mazzilli says about 40 percent of the missing kid and runaway cases he works on involve pornography or prostitution. "There are very few cases that involve someone as young as 10 or 11 years old," he said. "But on the flip side, once they hit 13, there are thousands of cases like that. It's so sad." For example, Billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein served 13 months in jail for soliciting minors for prostitution, some allegedly as young as 12.
McKelvin has been indicted on charges of rape and predatory sexual assault against a child, and his cousin, Lee McKelvin, was indicted on charges of rape, criminal sexual assault and predatory sexual assault.
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