Sunday, 15 May 2011

11-year-old Bronx girl made into “sex slave”
It is every parent’s, or in this case grandparent’s, nightmare. Your 11-year-old goes missing—and stays missing for nearly a week. Eventually the child is returned, which is all to the good, though hardly unharmed, which is not.
Such was the case seven months ago for a prepubescent female who was lured from the Bronx home she shared with her grandmother. The child thankfully survived. However, it was when she managed to escape that the horrors began. She revealed, hesitantly at first, that for the duration of her capture, she was forced to perform sexual acts on depraved men in a Lower East Side apartment.
The fifth-grader, whose name is being withheld, is quoted by the New York Daily News, as stating, "One man gave me $700, another gave me $1,000, and another gave me $500. Maybe there were five or six men, in all.”
The child, who was initially lured away by a deranged foster parent, spent five days in this living hell. It was only when all of her captors slept in a nearby room that she managed to phone her grandmother, coaxing out the words:
Mommy, it's me. They're hurting me. Please, I need you ... I'm in a house, I don't know where.
Her grandmother urged her to run, which she did. Police, who had been searching for the missing child, found her and took her to Jacobi Medical Center, where it was determined that she had been raped multiple times.
The child has been in treatment since at a Westchester clinic, returning home only on weekends.
The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services indicates that there were 6,544 missing-child cases last year, all but a hundred of which involved runaways. Of the cases, 6,320 were solved.
The Daily News quotes Brian Conroy, chief of the New York Police Department's vice enforcement division, as saying:
These girls are vulnerable. You can't help but feel compassion. There are other girls out there in similar straits. We have to find them.

The ordeal of this particular child began early. After her mother, a single parent, was arrested for marijuana possession, the girl and her younger sister were sent to live with the grandmother, who was herself busted for drug possession.
The sisters were then shuttled off to a foster home in Hunts Point run by 30-year-old Dawud McKelvin. McKelvin preyed sexually on the older sister. Even after the grandmother was released and the girls were returned to her care, McKelvin continued to visit the child.
According to the grandmother, McKelvin
threatened her, told her that if she ever told us about him he would kill me, her mother and her siblings. He had her manipulated very well. He bent her mind.
It was in September when McKelvin lured the child into a car, initially taking her to an apartment on the Upper West Side, where she was raped repeatedly by McKelvin's cousin. He then drove her to the sex den on the Lower East Side, from which she ultimately escaped.
Police have since arrested Dawud McKelvin, who has been indicted on charges of rape and predatory sexual assault against a child. They also arrested McKelvin’s cousin, who has been indicted on charges of rape, criminal sexual assault, and predatory sexual assault.
It appears that justice will be served, at least as it is defined by the criminal justice system. Where the justice is for the abused 11-year-old remains to be seen.
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