Friday, 1 April 2011


I'm the child that no-one see's, no-one ever remembers me, I live across the road from you, the one with bruises, black and blue, the child who never speaks or cries, the child with sunken dark ringed eyes.
I watch you as you walk on past, from the dirty bedroom window glass, I never smile or wave to you, my arm, like my heart is broken too, but that's something I must never mention, my bones mend without attention.
I don't get hungry anymore, although my throat gets dry, I try to forget how I feel, and watch the world pass by. I saw a lady with her dog, he pranced and played on grass, I liked that very much, just watching from behind this glass.
One day I will play outside, and I will have a dog, the sun will shine upon my face instead of dirty fog, of all the dreams I had today, this one I will keep, I'm going to play with this little dog, once I fall asleep.
With such a start I turn around, the door is opening wide, and stepping into this lonely room, he grabs me as I hide, my frail body thrown around, my head hits against the wall, he smiles at me, he's oh so pleased, as I hit the floor.
As he turns to leave the room, my eyes become a mist, he hit me really hard this time, full force from his fist, I used to find the strength to stand, I'm usually ok, but this time it's so different, I'm being pulled away.
On wooden floorboards where I fell, I'm certain I see God, he has come to take me home, and with him is a dog. As he takes my lifeless little hand, and lifts me to his chest, he tells me there will be laughter now, safety, peace and rest.
'Suffer little children, to come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom Of heaven'

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