Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Human trafficking is a moral outrage. Its victims are de-humanized. They are treated as property or chattel to be used, abused and ultimately discarded. Human trafficking is a pernicious evil that cannot be ignored. Mistreatment of one group of human beings by another group is inherently wrong. No moral argument can be made to justify the oppression and enslavement of human beings. Such evil thrives when it is disregarded and permitted to continue unnoticed and unchallenged. Human trafficking cannot be treated as the elephant in the living room that everyone knows is there, but pretends not see. One of the most effective ways to combat this scourge is to expose it continuously to public scrutiny. National governments, the United Nations and international non-governmental organizations constantly must strive to remind the citizens of the world of the wicked practice of human trafficking. Ideally, by raising the public awareness of this immoral practice and by keeping the issue, at all times, in the public’s mind, the collective moral indignation of the world’s citizenry will be heightened to such a level that human trafficking, like genocide, will no longer be tolerated.

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