Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Human Rights Activist, Juvenile Advocate, Elish Delaproser

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents
California State Co-Ordinator
Darcy Delaprosser
Juvenile Justice Advocate/ Human Rights Activist

A.A.A. Mission is to introduce concerned citizens to effective ways of which they can contribute to the reformation of the US irresponsible Juvenile Justice Laws.

To create chapters of A.A.A. in every State coast to coast, to have local minds and hearts within every State endeavouring to bring empathy and responsability to Juvenile Justice Laws and to co-ordinate a National march in every States Capital on the very same day and unified under the A.A.A. banner/agenda

As a society we have reached a level of sophistication which permits us to adjudicate, better educate and protect adolescents in a responsible way.

Our Mission is to do better!

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